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Border Patrol

Border Patrol is a television series that follows the stories of active us border patrol agents as they patrol and secure the us border. 

There are several central through lines throughout the series, the planning and construction of a wall, the government and people on the ground who plan and implement this change and the ramifications both societal and political that ensue. 

On a framework scale, the show will have a central premise that explores the planning and eventual construction of a new wall in sections on the US/Mexican Border. We will meet the policy makers, the men and women who carry out this policy and the eventual people on the ground who are affected on both sides of the Border.

Structurally we will cover everything from the White House to a Drug Trafficking Tunnel, to major players who horse trade peoples lives like they are expendable. We will learn that in some cases the Government and major traffickers can operate the same way sometimes using the same people for different reasons. On the ground we will witness the hardship and struggles of people trying to make a better life either barricaded by an ideology or an actual wall. 

With any change comes an adaptation and an understanding of what was and what will become. When you stir up the local habitat everything from Governmental policy, to criminal activity gets affected. Ultimately everything is connected in some way and we will explore the drug and sex trafficking, the Border Patrol reality, and the personal stories of struggle, honor, courage, betrayal and survival. 

This is a show which will open up an exciting world one where direct and current issues can be manifested into a multi-faceted look into our country and our neighbor Mexico and its people. 

The show is a gripping look into the US Border, the agents, the narcotics smuggling, the political, social, and agricultural aspects of the border and the people’s lives affected on both sides. 

This is a powerful show exploring human condition affected by the border and the law enforcement and policy surrounding it. 

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